Fix: Solution for Microsoft office in windows and mac OS

Microsoft Office:-
It is the services manufactured by Microsoft which consists of Client Software, Server Software. It is in unison known as Office Suite. The original, and most commonly used version, is the desktop version which is available for Windows and mac OS operating systems.
Microsoft Office constantly got evolved by the time as per the user’s requirement. It’s till the date versions are Microsoft Office 95/ 97/ 2000/ XP / 2003/ 2007/ 2010/ 2013/ 2016/ 2019.
The most common problem & their solution:
1. Microsoft office isn’t working
The MS Office comes with various Microsoft apps such as:
. Word
. Excel
. Outlook
. Power Point, etc.
If it is not working, then it will be a problematic thing. When Microsoft Office doesn’t work, you can repair it by following ways:
How to repair MS Office:
a. Go to the control Panel or you can use the command “appwiz.cpl”.
b. Select Programs & features.
c. Click MS Office & then click ‘Change’ Button at the top of the page.
d. You will be provided by an option to repair Microsoft Office automatically ‘Repair Office’.
After the repair just check it out whether MS Office is working or not.
• Always regularly check for new updates for Microsoft Office
Often the app of Microsoft Office doesn’t work because the latest updates are not installed. Ensure that the latest version of the Microsoft Office and any of its updates are never missed. In order to check for the latest updates, please check whether the “Automatically Install Updates” have been enabled. You can do it by “Control Panel >> System>> Security”.
• Uninstall & Re-Install MS Office:
After the above fixations, if it still doesn’t work, uninstall Microsoft Office and reinstall it again. You can do this online using the Easy Fix online tool. This is available on the MICROSOFT official website.
• Check Your Anti-Virus Software
Check whether your Anti-Virus Software is up to date. It may be interfering in the functioning of the Microsoft office which may be causing the problems. So Disable your anti-virus and check whether your Microsoft Office is working.
• Sbcglobal not working

e. SBC communications offers dial-up connection and high-speed internet services as well as telephone services and their email I’d ends with
f. If Sbcglobal is not working , then check the following:
i. Check whether you are using compatible browsers. If not, upgrade your browser or install a supporting browser.
• If you have forgotten or misspelt the password, try resetting and try to login.
• Check whether the email is going to the right folders as sometimes some mails go to the spam folder.
• Clear the caches and cookies.
• Disable your firewall – varies by device and browser
• Enable adobe flash player
• Ensure you have the latest Java version installed.

2. MSN not working
Do you face problems when you try to login into
Getting error messages or any recent changes have been made to your system?
Follow these steps to fix the issue:
1. Clear the caches and MSN cookies in order to view the homepage.
2. Clear the browsing history in your internet Explorer.
3. Change to another webpage as default page and check.
If the you still face issues with MSN then contact Customer Support.

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