AOL Desktop Not Responding Error

AOL Desktop Not Responding Error
It’s known fact that the professional user of AOL must have knowledge about it is Aol Desktop software or chances are pretty high you must be using it too. Aol desktop software was free but with the launch of new AOL Desktop Gold, you can get access to this version only when you are the paid customer. This desktop is a central tool for accessing emails and browsing the internet all in one place and you will get good result. But being the modern software tool it is not far away from the flaws and errors message. One such annoying issue is AOL Desktop not responding or Aol Desktop not working which can give you some times.
You must be wondering why this latest cannot responding issue? This issue can occur because of innumerable reasons:

  • Compatibility problem
  • Outdated application
  • Slow or no internet signal
  • Virus or malware issue
  • Or due to conflict with other software’s
  • Steps by step to Fix AOL Desktop Not Responding Error
    After understanding the ground cause of not responding error you must go ahead and follow the solution given in this blog:
     Check for updates – Make sure that your Desktop software is updated one with the new version available or not.
     See the Compatibility – The system requirement for installing AOL Desktop Gold is:
    1. Windows – XP/ Vista/ 7 / 8/ 8.1/ 10
    2. Processor -266MHz or faster
    3. Resolution -1068×768 or higher
    4. Free RAM of approx 512 Mb
    If these are fulfilled then only your system is compatible. If it is not then trying upgrading your computer first of all.
     Internet Connectivity –Fast internet connection is must in order for the smooth running of this Desktop software. For that just plug all the cables correctly in your device, reset the router to rectify any kind of signal issue.
     Security Issue – Scan your computer for any malicious program and malware. Also disable proxy, firewall, and antivirus for solving the error message.
    If the above-mentioned steps do not work out for you then try connecting with proficient professionals who can troubleshoot the technical issue easily. You can avail AOL Desktop Gold support at any time during day or night without location restriction. Once the problem confronted by you is resolved then you can enjoy the benefits of this Desktop software again.

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